Whinfield Residents Association

(Incorporating the Friends of Beech Wood)

Who We Are

Whinfield Residents Association incorporating the Friends of Beech Wood is a non-party political organisation that aims to promote and improve conditions, amenities and the environment of the community. We are a membership association and membership is open to anyone over the age of eighteen who is a resident of Whinfield or has an interest in the area. We promote equal opportunities and aim to foster good relations amongst all residents of the area.

Our Organisation

Whinfield Residents Association incorporating the Friends of Beech Wood has been in existence for sometime now. The Friends of Beech Wood were originally a separate group until they amalgamated with the Residents Association in the early 2000s. The running of the Association and the work that it undertakes is all done by volunteers. It has a committee and Officer Posts which are elected yearly and the Association holds an open meeting for its members & visitors every other month at Oban Court in Whinfield.

It is free to join us. If you would like to become a member please contact the Secretary at whinfieldresidents@gmail.com.

Current Management Committee

Role Name
Chair Graham Foster
Vice-Chair John Atkinson
Secretary Judith Murray
Treasurer Ruby Keir
Fund Raising Officer Vacant
Committee Member Ann Rudkin
Committee Member Alan MacNab
Committee Member Ralph Bradley
Committee Member Linda Davison
Committee Member Roger Fitzpatrick-Odahamier
Committee Member Amanda McEwan
Committee Member Jean Foster
Committee Member Chris Upton
Committee Member Chris Jackson
Committee Member Tom Watson
Committee Member Andrew Ward

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Next and Future Meetings

Our next meeting is:

18 March 2020, at 7.00pm

Postponed until further notice

Meetings are held at Oban Court
Future meetings:

20 May 2020, at 7.00pm.

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