Whinfield Residents Association

(Incorporating the Friends of Beech Wood)

A Splash of Spring Colour in Whinfield

Whinfield Residents Association hopes to plant spring bulbs in public spaces throughout the Whinfield Ward. After receiving a generous donation of over 700 bulbs in 2017, members of the WRA braved the autumn chill to plant daffodils that, come spring, will add a splash of colour to our area.

These bulbs have now flowered and going forward the association is hoping to seek funding from charities to help us be able to purchase more bulbs which we aim to plant in public green spaces in our ward to add some welcome colour after winter.

Following on from the success of our 2017 bulb planting project we continued with it in 2018 planting a further 1,500 daffodils along Whinbush Way. 500 of these were donated by Darlington Borough Council, 700 from a WRA member and 300 from Friends of Fryers Field. Along with this the Council also donated 2,000 bluebells and 1,000 snowdrops which were planted in Beech Wood.

We will continue with the bulb planting projects both along Whinbush Way and in Beech Wood for 2019 and we hope to extend this along Sparrowhall Drive and other green spaces in our ward in future years. If anyone would like to donate spring bulbs, offer a donation or their spare time for bulb planting please contact our secretary at whinfieldresidents@gmail.com.