WRA meetings are held every couple of months or so and all residents of Whinfield are invited to attend. During meetings there are ample opportunities for everyone to contribute to the discussions and to raise other matters of interest to them. At the Annual General Meeting the officers and committee of the Association are elected and anyone can stand for those posts. An editable nomination form is available for download in the list of documents below.

Whinfield Residents Association

(Incorporating The Friends Of Beech Wood)

Whinfield Residents Association

(Incorporating The Friends Of Beech Wood)


For copies of the minutes of WRA meetings, the agenda when available, ward newsletters and other documents

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Oban Court

The next WRA meeting is the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

to be held on:

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

at  7pm in Oban Court

(on the opposite side of Whinbush Way to Asda)

A general meeting is also arranged for December 13th.

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Archived Documents

Whinfield Ward Newsletter Winter 2017

WRA minutes 2017.07.19

WRA minutes 2017.05.24

WRA minutes 2017.03.22

Whinfield Ward Newsletter Spring 2017

WRA minutes 2017.01.18

WRA minutes 2016.12.14

Whinfield Ward Newsletter Winter 2016

WRA minutes 2016.09.21

WRA minutes 2016.07.20

Whinfield Ward Newsletter Summer 2016

WRA minutes 2016.05.18

WRA minutes 2016.03.16

Whinfield Ward Newsletter Spring 2016

WRA minutes 2016.01.20 

WRA minutes 2015.12.16

WRA minutes 2015.11.18 (AGM)

WRA minutes 2015.09.23

WRA minutes 2015.07.22

WRA minutes 2015.05.20

WRA minutes 2015.03.18

WRA minutes 2014.11.19

WRA minutes 2014.11.19  (AGM)

WRA minutes 2014.09.25

WRA Constitution

Current Active Documents

WRA Agenda 2017.11.22 (AGM)

WRA minutes 2016.11.23 (AGM)

WRA Nomination Form  (for AGM elections 2017)

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Skerningham Garden Village map

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WRA Agenda 2017.12.13

WRA minutes 2017.09.20

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