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Darlington Borough Council has invited suggestions for development sites across the Borough, and are looking at the suitability of those submitted. To see a downloadable pdf copy of the "Call-for-sites" map, click HERE.

As well as this plan potentially destroying a vast greenfield site currently used for farming, and extensively by residents for recreation, it is well known that the local infrastructure and facilities in Whinfield are totally inadequate to support development on such a scale. Coupled with a related proposal by DBC for a Northern Bypass which seems to be principally designed to facilitate the building of houses in this area (click the link opposite for more information), WRA intends to be fully involved in any consultation process and to resist any undesirable plans in an attempt to help safeguard the environment in and around the Ward.

Darlington Borough Council is currently formulating its LOCAL PLAN which is intended to dictate Economic and Planning Policy throughout the Borough until at least 2036. Visit https://microsites.darlington.gov.uk/local-plan/ for details of what stage the process has reached. Of great concern to WRA is the proposal to encourage a huge housing development in the countryside north of Darlington, coloured yellow on the greatly simplified map below.

(Click the map to see a downloadable pdf version)

Springfield Park

Muscar House Farm is an unspoiled greenfield area situated between the houses of Barmpton Lane and the River Skerne, valued for its amenity and the access to the countryside on this side of the Town. In response to the government's push for more housing, Darlington Borough Council had controversially included it as a zone for development in its "Making and Growing Places" plan. This attracted numerous objections from residents and has been dropped, but it is feared that the idea will be resurrected in the Local Plan proposals, so the fight to save it is likely to continue for some time to come.

To see a short YouTube video featuring Muscar House Farm, click HERE.

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One particular proposal  is for Theakstons to build a Skerningham Garden Village of 4000 homes in this red area:

(Click the image to see a downloadable pdf version)

Theakstons have staged public consultation events and residents are now strongly urged to make their views known to skerningham@lichfields.uk before it is too late. Two alternative plans for a Skerningham Garden Village emerged, depending upon which route for the proposed Northern Bypass, Route A or B, may be chosen:

(Click the plans to see a downloadable pdf version)