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The recently-formed Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA), which includes Darlington Borough Council, has released plans for a DARLINGTON NORTHERN BYPASS. It seems that Highways England and the new Mayor of Tees Valley may also be involved. For more information about the proposed new road visit the TVCA website at https://teesvalley-ca.gov.uk/what-we-are-delivering/transport/improvingourroads/ .The Bypass would link the A1(M) at Junction 59, Coatham Mundeville, to the roundabout on the A66 near Great Burdon and 2 possible routes are being considered:

WRA appreciates that a new Northern Bypass might well benefit residents living along Whinfield Road who are currently having to suffer excessive HGV traffic going past their homes, but is equally concerned that a new road might just push the problem elsewhere to affect other residents in the future.

Another concern is that a Northern Bypass seems to be principally designed to facilitate the building of houses on a vast scale to the north of Darlington, as contained within DBC's draft Darlington Local Plan (click the link at the side of this page for more information) which might well considerably increase traffic in Whinfield even though the local infrastructure is already unsuitable to cope with it. WRA believes that alternative solutions to the traffic problem and improvements to the local roads should be brought forward and implemented now, irrespective of whether or not a Northern Bypass becomes a reality.

WRA is resolute that of the two routes being proposed for a Northern Bypass, Route B should not be considered as an option, and that Route A would appear to be the least environmentally damaging to the beautiful and historic Ketton Country and Skerne Valley, which have not been invaded by any public road throughout their history.

(Click the map to see a downloadable pdf version)

D'ton Local Plan

Several alternative routes were apparently looked at before settling on A and B, as can be seen on this map:

(Click the map to see a downloadable pdf version)

More details of how Routes A and B would affect the existing road network and countryside are given on this map:

(Click the map to see a downloadable pdf version)

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The time left for members of the public to make representations about the proposed Darlington Northern Bypass is short, so if you wish to convey objections or other comments about the scheme you are urged to send them as soon as possible to mark.wilson@teesvalley-ca.gov.uk .