Whinfield Residents Association

(Incorporating the Friends of Beech Wood)

Beech Wood

Beech Wood is situated just off Barmpton Lane and Beech Road. Despite it being a relatively small wood it contains many large mature trees including its well known Beech Tree along with a wide mix of wildlife and plant life. Walking through its well kept paths and the canopy of its trees you eventually come into the heart of the green space and its 3 main grassy areas. You can continue your walk along its path which continues towards the direction of ASDA and Whinfield Primary School as well as direct paths into the various residential estates which sit along the perimeter of the park.

A walkway through Beech Wood
The infamous Beech tree from which the wood takes its name

For the last few years Whinfield Residents Association in partnership with Darlington Borough Council have planted strips of wildflowers which have been particularly successful. The flowers which, whilst beautiful to look at, also play an important function to our local ecosystem in what is an urban environment. The diversity of plants grown has provided an ecological habitat for our pollinators, insects, birds, butterflies and other wildlife and invertebrate species.

A view of Beech Wood
Wildflowers in Beech Wood

The green space also features a football pitch with permanent goal posts and 2 seating benches. This area and its wood, which is often renowned as the jewel in Whinfield’s crown, sits on what used to be the grounds of John Feetham’s Whinfield Hall which has particular historical importance to the area.